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OMG, OMG. I finally visited A Verb for Keeping Warm. I stumbled in on a whim while I was on my way to grab some snacks next door. Such a good stumble – look at this place!

A wall of yarn, a wall of fabric, and everything in between.

They carry in-house dyed yarn – that’s like super local. There’s also yarn and fabric from all over the nation and world.

They produce their own line of DIY kits and sewing patterns. I want them all. Plus, there was inspiration everywhere. I liked that they had clothing samples for all their sewing patterns. You can even try the clothes on to see which fit is best before you commit to making it.

Ooh, there was dried indigo hanging all around, too. I’ve never seen a real indigo plant before! There is space for workshops, and I had little peeks into one of the dye studios (there are two studios!) and their natural dye garden. Dreamy…

My bounty! I bought my first sewing pattern, fabric for said sewing project, and assorted yarn and fabric swatches. The staff was super helpful answering all of my fabric/sewing questions when I was making my selections.

I will need to take another month-long vacation to work on my new projects list. Who wants to join me?

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