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sew yeah.

To commemorate Fashion Revolution Week (April 22-28), I’m excited to share two more sewing projects from Craftcation. In addition to espadrilles, I made a cardigan and a bias dress. I had a whole outfit; it didn’t match though. 😉

My cardigan class was taught by Kimberly Payne of Straight Stitch Designs. She creates her own patterns so it was really helpful to learn how to read the class pattern by the designer herself. This was my first time working with knit fabric; it wasn’t as scary and difficult as I thought it would be, but you really have to pay attention to the stretch direction or else it will be all sorts of wonky. Also, there were so many pieces; focus is key.

I had to run off to teach a class mid-cardigan, so I finished my project in the sewing lab later in the week. My friend roomie Rebecca hosted (I told you she taught all the things, too!).

My bias dress class was a shorter project, but also confusing. There was fabric origami involved. I’m not sure I can recreate this dress without some adult supervision. Instructor Carol to the rescue!

For this class, this was the first time I worked with bias tape. Carol (the most awesome sewing lady!) made the bias tape for us which cut down on project length and complexity. Supposedly, I will never look at store-bought bias tape the same. The end result looks a bit hospital gown to me; I’d like to try again with different fabric.

For all of the sewing classes we used Bernina machines and there was a Bernina pit crew for each class. Meaning, there was always someone there to help navigate and troubleshoot the machines. This was great when I ran out of bobbin thread (I despise changing bobbin thread!). If I buy a Bernina, can it come with a Bernina Lady/Pit Crew?

Also fun – I ran into my friend May of Timmy Mays at Craftcation and she just so happened to be in both of these sewing classes with me. She is a sewing rockstar and she helped me navigate my projects. Thank you, May! Also, she took almost all the sewing classes at Craftcation so I think she should get a free Bernina. 🙂

I took these classes with the dream of being able to recreate some favorite pieces, and to gain more confidence in sewing wearables. I’m inspired by all of the awesome instructors! And now I can say #imademyclothes. I’m going to need to get a sewing machine soon so I can continue working on my sewing game. What is your dream sewing project? Share below!

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  1. I would so love to make my own clothes one day, if only to get clothes that actually fit my shape!
    Your cardigan and dress look lovely, and the cardi especially looks super comfy. What an achievement!

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