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Current obsession: making my own confetti! Here’s a quick recipe for a Halloween-inspired mix.



  • paper in oranges and black – I use 65 lb paper
  • sequins – I chose a variety pack of purple shapes.
  • googly eyes – I also found little bat stickers with googly eyes in my sticker stash.
  • sparkly confetti – Whenever I see these little vials at Target I grab my favorites. This time, gold stars and hexagons.
  • a container for your finished confetti mix – Also Target!
  • twine

First, shred your paper using a super magical crafter tool: a cross-cut paper shredder! (Seriously though, I told my Hubby it’s the crafting shredder…) Add sequins, gold sparkle, google eyes…and whatever else you want to add (except glitter – Don’t do it!!). Mix.


Make sure all your sequins are separated; they tend to stick to each other. And remove any paper chunks from the mix.

Package up the confetti. I made sure some googly eyes made it to the very top of my containers. O_O I added the bat friends to the lids and finished off by tying twine around the necks of the containers.


Ready for gifting! 🙂 Happy almost Halloween!

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