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midtown bizarre.

Last weekend I popped up at The Midtown Bizarre, a monthly curated maker market held at Identity Coffees in Sacramento. I’ve had a booth here a few times now, and I love coming back each time. My booth: I had some Mom pennants for Mother’s Day plus a build your own flower crown bar.

As a maker, I love how it’s a super easy set-up, I get to meet new (awesome!) makers, parking is a breeze, and…coffee! I tried the sparkling cascara (“coffee cherry tea”) beverage made with the dried skins of the coffee fruit.

The coordinator, Vanessa, is super woman! Her family owns the coffee business and she curates the monthly markets. She also takes the best photos.

This month I got to meet:

Andie of Andie the Kitchen WitchAndie’s body care line includes natural deodorants, salves and balms, body sprays, and even some stuff for pups. I got one of her ‘Headache Go Away’ aromatherapy perfumes. Sadly, I’ve already had to use it, but I’m happy to report that this stuff is amazing!!!


David of Best Supply Co. The best supplies: candles, body/room sprays, facial oil, and beard oil, obvi. I spent a good amount of time smelling all the lovely candle smells.

Pearl of PXC DesignsPearl creates with mostly wire and today she brought some pieces with bead/stone accents. I like the simplicity of Pearl’s designs, but somehow they still make a bold statement, and they can go from work to party.

Sandra of Sandra Vargas Art. Sandra is a graphic designer and illustrator. Take a closer look at her art and you’ll see she uses all kinds of mediums – colored pencil, computer painting…. I think it’s the big eyes in her work that makes them so intriguing; that, and her use of color. I enjoy the pop culture references, too.

Heather of Mega Babe Vintage. First of all, I love it when clothes are organized in rainbow order! Heather curates vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories, and she sells them at very reasonable prices. I enjoyed watching shoppers pick out their favorite pieces.


Karla of Cru Chocolate. I met Karla at a previous Midtown Bizarre, and she was back today with more of her delicious chocolates. She even has a (new to me) line of drinking chocolates! Yum! Check out her beautiful packaging designs and read about her story on her website.

Such amazing work and lovely people! 🙂 Thank you to Vanessa and Identity Coffees for hosting a forum for makers to meet and share their work with the community!

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