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nearcation’s all I ever wanted.

For our second wedding anniversary, Hubs and I planned an almost 24-hour nearcation adventure across the Bay in San Francisco. Since we thoroughly enjoyed last year’s SF nearcation, and there is so much to see, do, and eat in the City, we decided to do it again. Plus, we lazy and didn’t want to drive or fly far away. 😉

This time, we stayed at Hotel Nikko. I love the art in the rooms and throughout the hotel, and the squishy beds, and the touch pad on the nightstand that welcomes you by name. They have the most amazing line of bath products, too; the custom scent is bamboo lavender, but to me it has notes of chai spices which I love. Also, I’m into the separate stand up shower and bath options. Note to self for future home.

The hotel sits between Union Square and the Tenderloin. I made sure we stopped to see some of the mural art nearby. A lot of the ones I wanted to spot were either painted over or grafittied over, but I got to see the peace mural. Ya!

We had dinner in the Tenderloin at Onsen, a bath house with restaurant. There’s no sign on the door which makes it feel super exclusive. Everything we ordered was impressive; I was even super excited by the tea pot. Plates are shareable which is so fun when you want to try everything.

The next day, per Hubby’s request, we ordered room service for breakfast. We are big room service fans! Everything was so good even after traveling through the hotel to get to us and enduring a food photoshoot. 🙂

A quick chair hang out in the lobby after check out, then to get caffeine wasted! We stopped at the Chai Bar for a tasty beverage and some snacks. To our delight they had a chai flight option (You know how I love trying all the chai!) that came with an animal cracker snack.

Then, Hubs was still hungry so we wandered to Blue Bottle a few blocks away for more caffeine and savory sustenance. This was our first Blue Bottle experience (unless you count coffee ice cream made with Blue Bottle coffee).

And then before we knew it, so ended our quick nearcation adventure! We decided on hitching a ride back to the East Bay via ferry. Twas a weekend of firsts – this was also our first time on the ferry. I loved it! – Minus the part where we had to be inside the ferry to purchase our tickets. Once I was outside on the deck I had all the I’m on a boat feels. Totes taking visitors on the ferry from now on.

The end. Until our next getaway! Local tourist much? Share where you like to spend a day/weekend below.

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