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the office.

When your coworker comments on how much he loves The Office you throw him a The Office-themed birthday. Ovbi. Here’s what we used for inspiration…

Photos of old people (from Michael Scott’s lecture on ageism), an acrostic using the celebrant’s name (like in Dwight’s performance review), and a PC birthday sign and sad balloons (like Kelly – or was it Kelley?had for her birthday).


This was not our typical celebratory decor so my team of decorators questioned my every decision, especially when I would say stuff like “You’re making it look too nice.” Also, do you know how hard it is to find brown balloons? (The answer is very.) As we were blowing up the balloons just slightly, one of the brown balloons popped. Right after I thought oh no, I immediate thought this is perfect! 


A close of up of the photos of old things, including our celebrant!


Kyle’s acrostic:


And the icing on the cake (quite literally) – we wrote Lyle instead of Kyle because that seemed like something that would happen in the show.


What do you think? Maybe for an April Fool’s birthday celebration, too? 😉

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