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Step right in to Tinsel in Berkeley! I frequently pass by this shop thinking I must go in someday. Someday was last Saturday, finally!

Tinsel is known for their vintage trim so I was expecting to see lots of ribbons, tassels, and fun things for decorating. I was correct, but oh, there was so much to look at and my brain went into overdrive as I started to think about all the projects I could make with everything in the store.


What an amazing collection of things on spools – fabric ribbons, metal ribbons…


They had bottle brush trees (I love these things!) for every occasion.


This handy passementerie (art of making elaborate trimmings or edgings) guide needs to be an art print.


A wall of passements… If I was a master seamstress I would be ALL OVER these trims. Everything looked so elaborate, detailed, well-made.


There were bins of vintage appliques, beads, charms…


Spools in all the sizes…


My family’s cigar company ;)…plus golden scissors…


These flower middles reminded me of my childhood and I would love to own all of these, but my practical brain told me I didn’t need any.


Boxes and boxes of florals…


More threads in all the colors…


These decorative pieces. I can’t even understand how someone makes these. They are amazing.


No, thank YOU, Tinsel.


Everything in the shop is fancy and I feel like I’d need to have a very specific and very special project in mind to use any of the items in the shop. I would be scared of messing up and wasting such high-class materials. I did end up purchasing some filigree-like die-cut pieces. I’ll share what I end up making once I get brave enough to use them in a project.

Have you explored the world of Tinsel? Share your fancy finds below!

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