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donut worry.

Next up in work parties: a baby shower donut bar celebration!

We picked up plain and sugar donuts, plus donut holes. No need to make fancy glazes; we shopped the ice cream topping section for ideas. Caramels and hot fudge work well; also, crushed nuts, shredded coconut, chocolate chips, crumbled cookies, and sprinkles. We also served cold brew coffee and iced masala chai with a few milk varietals to wash down the sweets.


The coworkers got to creating their one-of-a-kind donuts!


Of course we needed appropriate signage and decor as well. We put up a “Donut worry, Sam” sign for the dad-to-be, plus creepy baby photos; and scattered large paper sprinkles on the table.

And we can’t forget the cute baby gear presents! Enter butt paste and nasal aspirator!

My work party crew and I are getting really good at this social event planning thing. Looking forward to planning our next celebration!

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