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sugar rush.

My friend and I went to a cupcake tasting with Angel Cakes and we had way too many cupcakes. Yes, there is such a thing! When we signed up we were thinking “oh yea, they will probably have five or six flavors they want us to try and we’ll rate our favorites.” The day before the tasting they announced that there would be twenty flavor combinations to try, plus an additional sixteen gluten free and vegan varieties.

I’m assuming they didn’t expect everyone to try every flavor because twenty mini cupcakes apparently equals eight normal sized cupcakes, but um, food enthusiast here! My friend and I were determined to try all the flavors so we could accurately report on all of them!

The flavors:

  1. Mexican Chocolate Chocolate cake with cinnamon and chili, chocolate buttercream
  2. Strawberry Vanilla Strawberry cake, vanilla strawberry buttercream
  3. Turkish Coffee Coffee and cardamom cake, mint buttercream
  4. Rose Cardamom Rose cardamom cake, vanilla buttercream
  5. White Chocolate Raspberry White chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, raspberry
  6. Red Velvet Red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting
  7. Rainbow Sherbert Lime orange cake, raspberry buttercream
  8. The Dad Dark chocolate and bacon cake, bourbon buttercream
  9. Cookies & Cream Dark chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, Oreo cookie
  10. Tessa’s Grapefruit Miso Grapefruit cake, miso frosting
  11. Lime Pomegranate Lime cake, vanilla buttercream, pomegranate seeds
  12. Samoa Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, caramel sauce, toasted coconut
  13. Matcha Green Tea Matcha cake, vanilla buttercream
  14. S’mores Chocolate cake, graham cracker, vanilla buttercream, house-made marshmallows, chocolate syrup
  15. The Makana Pican cake, cream cheese frosting, pecan & coconut topping
  16. Chocolate Salted Caramel Chocolate cake, caramel buttercream, caramel sauce, Maldon sea salt
  17. Meyer Lemon Cream Meyer lemon cake, vanilla buttercream, Meyer lemon cream
  18. Maddy’s Blueberry Lavender Blueberry lavender cake, vanilla buttercream
  19. Olive Oil & Sea Salt Olive oil cake, vanilla buttercream, olive oil drizzle, Maldon sea salt
  20. Thin Mint Chocolate cake, chocolate mint buttercream, chocolate ganache

I tried the first ten flavors and ate a total of three full sized cupcakes, which I was estimating was my upper limit. (It’s actually probably closer to two cupcakes…) My favorite of the ten turned out not to be a chocolate based cupcake, but the white chocolate (not real chocolate!) raspberry cupcake. The raspberry added a much needed fresh, cold, and sour element to a very sweet cake and frosting combination.

After what seemed like marathon cupcake eating, we found a seat to digest, rest, and gaze away our sugar coma. It was kind of fun watching the crowd dwindle and get progressively sluggish…

First confession: I brought a container with me in case they would let me bring home the flavors I couldn’t get to. …They let me sneak out a handful.

Second confession: Those cupcakes are still in my fridge because I can’t eat anymore cupcakes. …Who am I kidding; they are gone now.

What’s your favorite cupcake flavor? Cupcake recipe? Cupcakery? Share below!

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