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an ode to nissan. 

Many of you know by now – my long time roadside companion had to be retired. There were too many things missing and needing a fix after he was recovered so my insurance company ‘totaled’ him out. Poor Nissan. I remember when my Dad brought Nissan home the summer between fifth and sixth grade. That was 21.5 years ago! OBD, that’s “Old Dirty Blue,” you will be missed! Thanks for the memories!


  • Mini road trip adventures to Lake Tahoe, Monterey Bay, Morro Bay, Murphys…
  • A frequent photo taking spot.
  • My craftmobile and present-delivery mobile.
  • Our wedding car. Fits three lovely friends in the back and a handsome hubby in the front. Plus all the flowers.

Nissan is at Insurance Auto Auctions in Bay Point, CA if anyone wants to buy him and fix him up! 🙂 Give a shout out to your first car below!


  1. Janice says

    ODB! I love the nickname. Such longevity is so impressive for a big car like that. Bummer he had to be prematurely retired. Hopefully he finds a nice home 😊

  2. Jazz says

    Aweeeee, I’ll miss you Nissan!! Thanks for the memories.

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