Month: August 2016

my comic con.

I attended my first Scrapbook Expo earlier this month and it was pretty awesome. After my favorite scrapbook store shut it’s doors my paper stash has been looking pretty sad. I have yet to find another paper supplier for the everyday so when I heard the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo was coming to town I marked my calendar right away. There were a variety of vendors selling all the scrapbook and stamping supplies. Some of my favorite paper companies — Echo Park and Authentique — were there, plus vendors who sold more of my favorite papers. I was in good company for sure. There were also lots of demos and make and take stations. I discovered and admired new-to-me techniques and crafts. We impressed ourselves with this easy make and take! It was like magic. There were also on-going workshops and a large open crafting space deemed the “Olympics.” Check out my stash! Best deal of the day: 54 sheets of 12×12 paper for $15! Plus, my friend Joy scored big with washi tape! Me thinks the …

solvang, super fast.

Hubby hadn’t ever been to Solvang so we took a detour on the way back home from Santa Barbara. It was burning hot the day we visited and our NorCal-acclimated skins were crying (I hear this stuff is called sweat 😉 ) so we only stayed for a short while. We explored the Main Street and side alley ways. Of course I found the bead store, a vintage gift shop, and a DIY studio and market place. I also found Santa Barbara cold brew coffee, an iconic Solvang photo opp for Hubs, and a windmill. I’d say it was a successful quick trip! Solvang much? Share your favorite Danish village finds below!

cabrillo boulevard.

Lucky me, there’s an Arts and Crafts show every Sunday in Santa Barbara! It’s half art and half craft and all fun. Plus, it was a gorgeous day for a walk down Cabrillo Boulevard. The market is easily walkable, and depending how intrigued you are in the goods for sale, you can probably stroll the whole street in an hour or so. There were paintings, photographic works, … …glass art, wood pieces, … …jewelry and other wearables… Some of my favorite finds included these mini kaleidoscope necklaces. The kaleidoscope charms are functional; I’d never seen kaleidoscopes so tiny until I saw these. My niece scored a turtle necklace (currently her favorite creature). And my nephew got a yo-yo lesson from this fascinating yo-yo guy. Until next time Santa Barbara! Santa Barbara much? Share you favorite SB spots below! 

santa barbara sites.

We headed to Santa Barbara early this summer to meet up with the family. My sister ran a half marathon and we were her cheerleaders! Yay Sister! The weekend was full of lovely sites and it was so relaxing  to just stroll. Where have you strolled lately? Share below. 

olympic crowns.

I found a bouquet of leaves at Trader Joes and I had to buy them. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make at the time, but it had craft written all over it. I knew we were going slacklining in a few days and I was totally feeling the Olympic spirit so I decided to make “olive leaf” crowns for everyone. Materials and tools: Stems of leaves, flexible/soft stems are best Floral wire Floral tape Wire cutters Pliers Scissors How to: Overlap stems and wrap along the stem with pieces of wire. Use the pliers to position the wire ends so that they are hidden / they don’t poke you. Keep adding stems and wire wrapping until you make a circle of leaves. You can add additional stems/leaves for a fuller crown. Wrap floral tape on top of the wire to secure and cover the wire. Add a little more floral tape to the pokey areas. Tahdah! Crowns for all! The view from up top. I’m a newbie to slacklining (just my third time), …

coffee + flowers.

Coffee and flowers moved in together and created the most beautiful baby. Behold: Communal Coffee + Native Poppy Co located in North Park, San Diego. Oh man, if this place was around when I was in grad school I would have been addicted to coffee and would have tried to snag a job here to fulfill my inner floral artist dreams!! I started my morning with avocado toast and an iced almond chai – both delicious and filling! I enjoyed breakfast at the floral bar and chatted with some of the workers. They are the friendliest. Before and after food, I perused the collection of handmade delights in the shop. Soaps, candles, books, cards, prints, jewelry. Everything was too good. And I snagged myself a copper + sea glass ring. Eee!!! And then the flowers. Oh, the flowers. Simply gorgeous. You can purchase stems a la carte and create your own bouquet or BYO container and have the floral pros design a bunch for you. They also do events, make floral crowns, offer subscriptions, and have bike delivery! I …

harney street.

On a recent trip to San Diego we stopped at the Harney Street Market. I wasn’t planning on doing any crafty things whilst in town since we were primarily going for a wedding, but the night before we left the Hubs asked “Did you find a craft show to check out?” My eyes lit up as I responded “No, but I will find one.” 😜  Lo and behold, Old Town hosts a weekly local artisan market on Harney Street. Done! Dubbed the “Saturday Market,” they’ve since expanded to Sunday for double the fun. It’s a small market with maybe a dozen makers. There were bath products, jewelry, art and home goods. I met local artist Jamie Hayley who can creates jewelry and home decor. You can also order a custom hand stamped piece to be made on the spot. Her designs are simple and fresh. It really excites me that handmade artists are being featured in a predominantly touristy area. Yay for small batch artisans! 

something blue.

My baker friend Mollie got married this year, too (the one who made my after wedding brunch treats!) and she asked me to host a paper flower bouquet workshop for her and her brides ladies to prep for the big day. The honor was all mine! Mollie made a bouquet of paper flowers in hues of blue; her ladies made giant crepe paper blooms. There were also delicious snacks and a curious kitten! The lovelies with their lovelies:  Congratulations Mollie and Ben!

bagels and barongs.

The day after our wedding we hosted a brunch at our place. The biggest thank yous to my Ladies for helping me pull off brunch the day after our wedding! Decor Talk about reuse and maximizing resources. We decorated with things we already had. We had plenty of flower arrangements to both give away to guests and to decorate brunch. Bestie calligraphy-ed a chalkboard for guests to draw and write messages. The golden Erin + Jay garland was from my office bridal shower, and we’re totally taking it out for all anniversaries. The tissue paper accordion garland pictured above I had been saving for a special occasion. After wedding brunch seemed special enough! I also had our Instax camera (the one I bought with contest winnings) out so people could snap some pictures. Food The spread had all the goodies. I like to say brunch was sponsored by Whole Foods because I used my prize monies from a photo contest. On wedding day, I went shopping with Husband and Bestie in our wedding best. Forrealsies. I went in my gown! I wish I had a picture …


Current project: planting a garden in our patio dirt. But first, inspiration! Flowerland is one of my favorite garden shops. From their retro marquee always sporting a fun quote to the colorful patio furniture, I find myself dreaming about my future garden every time I visit. A garden is a place to relax and enjoy nature, a place for calm and mediation, a place for fun and celebrations. I feel all the feels when I visit this nursery. I could definitely use one of these gorgeous giant plants! They’ve for a great selection of indoor plants, too. We don’t have much of a garden right now, but we’ve got a little patch of land in our apartment patio. I’ve been ramping myself up to plant a brown-thumb friendly garden. Hoping to share more on that soon! What grows in your garden? Share, share, share!!