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bagels and barongs.

The day after our wedding we hosted a brunch at our place. The biggest thank yous to my Ladies for helping me pull off brunch the day after our wedding!

Talk about reuse and maximizing resources. We decorated with things we already had. We had plenty of flower arrangements to both give away to guests and to decorate brunch. Bestie calligraphy-ed a chalkboard for guests to draw and write messages. The golden Erin + Jay garland was from my office bridal shower, and we’re totally taking it out for all anniversaries. The tissue paper accordion garland pictured above I had been saving for a special occasion. After wedding brunch seemed special enough! I also had our Instax camera (the one I bought with contest winnings) out so people could snap some pictures.


The spread had all the goodies. I like to say brunch was sponsored by Whole Foods because I used my prize monies from a photo contest. On wedding day, I went shopping with Husband and Bestie in our wedding best. Forrealsies. I went in my gown! I wish I had a picture to share with you. 😘

On the menu:

  • Mini muffins of the chocolate and blueberry variety by my friend Mollie
  • Bagels of the poppy seed, sesame seed, and everything variety by Mollie’s Hubby
  • Bagel fixins: smoked salmon, cucumber, tomato, red bells, micro greens, capers, cream cheese, hummus, peanut butter
  • Sausage, spicy and non-spicy
  • An egg scramble (because I ran out of time to make a frittata. Mmm, frittata) + hard boiled eggs
  • Green salad
  • Pie (from my pie class!)
  • Potato balls!!! (from Porto’s courtesy of my Sister)
  • Mimosas courtesy of my Daddy
  • Coffee + Juice + Cucumber water

Yum. Let’s go back to brunch and sharing good eats with loved ones!
What are some of your brunch must eats? Share below!

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