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harney street.

On a recent trip to San Diego we stopped at the Harney Street Market. I wasn’t planning on doing any crafty things whilst in town since we were primarily going for a wedding, but the night before we left the Hubs asked “Did you find a craft show to check out?” My eyes lit up as I responded “No, but I will find one.” ๐Ÿ˜œ ย Lo and behold, Old Town hosts a weekly local artisan market on Harney Street. Done!

Dubbed the “Saturday Market,” they’ve since expanded to Sunday for double the fun. It’s a small market with maybe a dozen makers. There were bath products, jewelry, art and home goods.

I met local artist Jamie Hayley who can creates jewelry and home decor. You can also order a custom hand stamped piece to be made on the spot. Her designs are simple and fresh.

It really excites me that handmade artists are being featured in a predominantly touristy area.ย Yay for small batch artisans!ย 

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