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yay 2015!

As usual, the end of the year is approaching way too quickly, but what a year it’s been! I started this blog almost one whole year ago. Thank you for following my adventures in craft and explorations throughout the year!

Since I’m feeling nostalgic, let’s finish off this year’s posts in Throwback Thursday Top Ten fashion.

(10) I started at a new job. It’s almost my one year anniversary.

First day!

(9) I created an eggcellent egg decorating workshop for West Elm Emeryville and have since thrown a few crafty events in store. Talk about crafting in fabulous places.


(8) I was approached numerous times so people could take pictures of my feet, ahem, Lego shoes. Fan club much?


(7) I played hooky (ok, fine, I took vacation days) to craft with Zelma Rose on the Creative Live set!


(6) This past summer I was Guest Craftmaster at the cutest Alameda shop – Modern Mouse.


(5) I took a watercolor lettering workshop with one of my favorite artists when she was visiting from the Philippines!


(4) I learned how to build things out of wood. I’m still a major newbie, but I feel good about it.


(3) I crossed off a crafting wish list item: carving stamps! Winning!

first try.

(2) I joined the Passport Membership at my favorite nail salon – Bisou, got addicted to gel & nail art, and now my nails are regularly featured on their Facebook page and Instagram feed.

choco pedi.

(1) My blog post beautiful bowls was featured on Berkeley Nosh! I know right?!


See you here next year! Can’t wait! 

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