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garcia garden: winter edition. 

Home for Christmas means more time admiring the garden and it’s bounty. Here are some lovelies from the front yard. ‘Twas a sunny 59 degrees.


This sago palm has been growing in same spot for 30+ years. I have a picture with it the day after it ‘snowed’ in Duarte.

succulent fountain.

No more functioning fountain because of the drought, but it makes for a beautiful succulent garden.


Tall palms live here, too.


And poinsettias because Christmas. My Dad ‘reddened’ them by keeping them in the sun during the day and in complete darkness (i.e. covered with a cardboard box) at night everyday for over a month.

More succulents and colorful blooms!





bright colors.

What blooms in your garden? Share below!
And check out the backyard, too.

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