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best dressed.

My favorite parts of Halloween are dressing up and making treats. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite costumes and themed food from the last few years.

I’ve never purchased a ready-to-go costume before. Growing up, my Mom made my costumes; and then I started concocting my own once I left the nest. One of my best costumes was when I dressed up as a Magic Mic. No, not like the movie, but like the karaoke microphone. I’m also really into wigs. They are so itchy, but so fun! I bought this afro wig just to own and it came in really handy for this costume. I already had a black top and bottoms, too. I grabbed some sticker paper to create the numbers for my top. And viola, mic drop.

Another fun costume: super fruit! Last year, I dressed as a strawberry. I already had a red dress and boots from previous costumes. I purchased red fabric for the cape, added felt seeds all over, and crafted a stem headband. I really like making costumes from things I already own.

And snacks. We can’t forget about snacks. Here are few ideas you might want to try this year: sour cream spider webs, tea eggs, marshmallow teeth, pumpkin soup, and a pumpkin cake pop patch.

Are you dressing up today or making some fun treats? Share your costume and snack ideas below! And, Happy Halloween!  

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