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I’m melting…

I just discovered this technique to fuse designs to candles. I had to share! Also…23 days until Halloween!

The best part about this craft is that you probably have all the supplies and materials already.

materials and tools.

Supplies & tools:

  • Candle, any size
  • Tissue paper, white
  • Markers, any color
  • Scissors
  • Hair dryer (or heat embosser)

Decide on your design and get to drawing. The finer your marker the more intricate your designs can be. (Protip: Place your tissue paper on some scratch paper in case the ink bleeds through.) You can also print out a design via inkjet printer or use stamps & stamp ink.


Trim your design and decide on placement. Then, add heat (don’t burn your fingers!). You’ll see the tissue paper melt into the candle. It’s like magic! If you have multiple tissue pieces add them one at a time.


And boom, done.

What other designs would you fuse on to candles? Share below!

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