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I was recently in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a wedding. Leave it to me to figure out where the closest handmade event was being held on a wedding weekend getaway. Boy, did I score big time in Santa Fe! Behold the AHA (After Hours Alliance) Festival of Progressive Arts held at the iconic Railyard just southwest of downtown Santa Fe.

There were so many great artisans and can I just say everyone is super friendly in Santa Fe (It’s true!). There were jewelers, fine artists, ceramicists, and woodworkers. So much talent! I’ll feature some of my favorites here.

Ceramicist Esther Ann Smith makes wearable and usable art inspired by the sea. I love how she was able to achieve a golden hue on many of her pieces; it looks so great with the calming shades of turquoise. She also hand stamps some of her wares with fun objects like thimbles!

Local artist Keith Secola uses his skateboard style and Native American heritage in his works. Just look at this beauty! I love the dark, clean lines and his color palettes. Also, you know I’m a sucker for awesome hummingbird art! Keith also wants to go to art school in the SF Bay Area so maybe you’ll see him around town soon.

I must have some fascination with clay right now because I was also drawn to the booth of local artist Zora who makes her clay pieces just across the street. She even made those skulls by hand – skills!!! I couldn’t leave with just one of her ceramic pieces…

I also found some local soaps and teas, kitchen towels, and hand painted raw hide earrings. I might have spent all my shopping money on this one visit (whoops!), but it felt really good to meet and greet with and support local during my visit. Check out my bounty!

Apparently this event only happens once a year. I’m so glad I got to go! Also, thank you to my friend for deciding to get married on this weekend! 🙂

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