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fun with flags.

I love working with Feed the Fish co customers on custom celebration decor. Here’s a peek at some pennants I’ve been recently asked to make.

A couple of weekends ago I vended at Stockmarket in Stockton, a handmade & vintage show. There were all sorts of wonderfully curated items. I of course had to make some pennants to represent the area and show some city love. My Stockton pennants got a lot of ‘awww’ and ‘that’s awesome’. One show-goer ordered a custom GIANT pennant. Ok, technically these pennants are regular sized, but compared to my usual sized pennants on a stick, these are gigante. She’s going to hang this up in a school office. What a nice way to sport city and school pride.

This trio of pennants was for a lovely young lady named Paloma who recently turned 13 and had a bowling party! This was a super fun way to decorate the night. Talk about Kodak moment; these make the perfect accessory for a colorful photoshoot with your bestest friends.

Shops dig my pennants, too. Gather in the Hayes Valley of San Francisco carries my pennants and they have some custom shop name pennants, too. Each one of my pennants is hand cut by yours truly – yup, all of the letters and little shapes get individual attention – making each pennant truly one of a kind.

How would you use your custom pennant? Share in the comments below!

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