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green things.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To get into the festive spirit I thought I’d share photos of all things green and little stories from my life.

Wear your greens.


My name, Erin, means “peace” and is the poetic name for Ireland. This is easily a top reason for why St.Patrick’s day is a fun holiday for me. In preparation I like to take out my green clothing items and make sure I put together a pinch-proof outfit. I’m still relatively new at my job so I doubt anyone would actually pinch me if I wasn’t wearing green; plus, that’s got to be a violation of sorts, but you never know…

Eat your greens.


Kabocha squash is one of my favorite foods. Ok, so technically it’s orange, but it’s green on the outside! I love it in pinakbet and pumpkin curry, but I never think it’s a high enough ratio of pumpkin to the rest of the dish. When I make pinakbet it probably ends up being half kabocha. Yum.

Look at all the green.


The Bay Area always amazes my parents because there are blooms and greenery year round. It truly is a beautiful place to live. Here’s a snap from Mt. Tamalpais, just a sampling of the various plants you’ll see walking in the neighborhood or on a nearby hike.

Play with greens.

om nom.

Om Nom was a Christmas present from my fiancé. That past year I had gotten a stomach bug and spent my sick days playing Cut the Rope in bed and drinking tea. Video games always made me feel better when I was a kid. Nintendo for the win!

Be green.

reusable bags.

This is a bit of a stretch but reusable bags are green, too, and I happen to own all of them. I’m a sucker for bags that rock city love, especially when I’m on vacation somewhere. A reusable bag is often times my souvenir.

What are your favorite green things (open to interpretation)? Share a story about you below.

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