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erin’s errands.

I got off work a little early today so I was able to run a few errands. These errands were far from being chores though. They were more like crafty adventures.

My first stop was Urban Ore Ecopark which sells eco-friendly salvaged goods.


From doors to dishes and books to baskets, you can come in for one thing and leave with much more. Make sure to look in nooks and crannies for something unexpected. I came in today for some craft supplies. I’m planning a dreamcatcher workshop and got a tip from a crafty friend that she saw a box of metal hoops here. She gave me specifics on how to find them in the store. And, just as she described, I found them in a box tucked away at the bottom of a shelf that you had to carefully navigate to so furniture wouldn’t stab you. The things we do for crafts. There must have been over 200 hoops in there. I selected 42 and paid just $3 plus tax! A steal if you ask me.

My next stop was the market, but not just any market – Berkeley Bowl, my favorite grocery store ever. I really should dedicate a post just to this market, but I’ll save that for another time. On this visit I stumbled upon some adorable flowers that looked like my favorite flower – the gerbera daisy – except in mini and poofy form. Behold the “mini gerbera” daisy and the “gerando” daisy.


Obviously I couldn’t choose between the two, so I took both home.

My third stop was Michaels. I was on a mission to pick up some spray paint. I didn’t think it would take me so long; there were so many colors to choose from. One of the workers who recognizes me now saw me at the beginning of my visit, and then again thirty minutes later still wandering. He asked me “You’re still here?” Sure am! I finally decided on a lime green and champagne paint.


This was my first time purchasing spray paint. Did you know that the worker has to hold the paint and walk it to the cashier for you? Maybe if I looked more suspicious they’d ask me what I needed it for, but I suppose since I specifically asked for gold shimmer they kind of knew I was making crafts. More on my spray paint crafts in a later post.

My last stop was food, of course. I was already hangry and knew if I got something to-go and brought it home I’d end up doing housework before sitting down to enjoy my meal, so I decided to dine-in solo at Mint Leaf, one of my go-to restaurants. It was lovely!


Today was definitely a day for firsts. This was the first time I ever ate alone at a sit-down restaurant. I had the wonton noodle soup. Egg noodles, bok choy, shrimp & pork wontons, and fried garlic equals very happy taste buds and a very full tummy. I usually order the pho here, but I’m glad I decided to change it up this time. The broth and wontons had a rich, bold flavor and the veggies gave the dish a nice crunch factor and freshness. For dessert, I treated myself to an avocado smoothie to go.

I would say this afternoon was a success.
What kinds of errands do you consider fun? Share below. 


  1. Erin says

    I’m so proud you ate alone at a dine-in. I use to avoid it at all costs but now that I’ve done it a few times it’s not so bad. And that avocado smoothie looks amazing!

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