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curtain tie backs.

I’ve been using a macrame-ish curtain tieback for a few years now (pictured on left below) and it was time for an upgrade. Modern Macrame rope and idea to the rescue!

You know the drill –

Cut two strands 10 feet long and one strand 12 feet long.

Fold the two 10-foot strands in half and hang the midpoint onto the ring. Using the 12-foot strand, create sinnet of square knots. If you’re using 5mm rope 14-16 square knots is a good length for gathering one curtain; I would start with a longer working cord and do maybe 20 square knots if you want a tie back to gather two curtains together.

This is the perfect project for some footwork. 🙂 You can also hang the hoop from an S-hook if you prefer not to use your foot.

Leave a gap after your first set of square knots – make sure your ring has room to slip into the gap – and continue making 5-6 square knots. Modern Macrame suggests to switch out two of the filler cords with the working cords – you’ll get this twisted look. You could also continue knotting with the previous working cords. Then, trim the tails and brush out as you like. I personally like a lot of fringe so I kept the tails long.

I tried the same project a few times with different cords but I’m loving the sage green the most.

You can style the tie back a few different ways – by threading the tail into the ring or threading the ring through the gap; you can show the ring and tail at the front of your curtain or turn it for more of a belted look to feature the square knots.

Have fun with it!

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