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birthday parfait.

For Bebe’s actual birthday we celebrated at home with a “Birthday Parfait” (keke) and a balloon arch photoshoot! Here’s how you can throw a birthday parfait of your own.

Birthday Parfait

For our birthday parfait I gathered:

  • Yogurt – we like plain Greek yogurt
  • Fruit – we used blueberries
  • Granola – adds a nice crunch
  • Sweetener – I like using agave
  • Clear containers* – so you can see the layers
  • Spoons
  • Napkins

For funsies we also crumbled chocolate scones (leftover from our Outside Party!) on top. Sprinkles would be fun to add, too; it is a birthday parfait after all!

Balloon Arch

After learning about balloon arch strips*, I was hooked on making balloon arches! They make the balloon arch creation process so easy. And now there are so many balloon arch kits *, too; you don’t even have to think of a color scheme.

For the balloon arch I used*:

How to: Use a balloon pump to fill 100+ balloons. I recommend choosing multiple sizes of balloons to get a varied look across your arch. For more variation, fill some balloons ‘all the way’ and others ‘not all the way.’ I like to keep the balloons in more of a round shape; to achieve this look avoid overfilling your balloons.

Attach balloons to the balloon arch strip in any order, dotting with your larger, more focal point balloons. Hang your arch with fishing line. Use Glue Dots to connect balloons together or to attach more balloons; you can fill any gaps or give more volume to certain parts of your arch.

Use any extra balloons for a balloon drop! I finished the arch set up with our laser beamed sign and giant 2 balloon.

And there you have it – an easy party idea for a celebration at home!

*This is an affiliate link. As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases made via linked items at no additional cost to you.

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