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sunburst basket.

I made the Flax and Twine / Modern Macrame sunburst basket project! My stitching isn’t the best (also, left hand problems ~ everything is backwards!), but I loved all aspects of this project.

This project requires minimal materials: rope, twine, a tapestry needle, and scissors. I copied the sample colors because look how dreamy this brown rope is. The pattern comes with an accompanying video which I am a big fan of – it’s so much easier for me to follow a video versus written instructions when it’s my first time creating a project.

When I shared my progress with my parents my Dad shared that my Great-Grandfather was a basket maker! OMG, it all makes sense now why I’m basket obsessed! It’s in my blood! My Great-Grandfather’s repertoire was vast with baskets ranging in size from tabletop baskets for displaying food to large works meant for storing rice. Goals!

Here’s my finished piece. The sample was more of a plate-like shape; I went for more of a bowl since I like having containers for organizing around our home. I think I made the project more difficult because it was hard to keep the correct tension when building the basket’s rim, but I’m happy with how it turned out and now I want to make more and continue the family legacy. 😉

Have you tried your hand at creating stitched baskets? Share below!

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