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Here’s a cute, easy, and smelly in a good way DIY for the holiYAYs: lavender sachets with a Christmas twist.

For this craft you will need:

  • Lavender buds – I ordered lavender from San Francisco Herb Co (a local favorite!). Upon opening the bag I felt instant relaxation vibes.
  • Cotton sachets – Find them at your local craft store.
  • Spoon or funnel
  • Letter stamps – I used Mine Stamp to label my sachets. This is a great labeler for all fabric items. There is room to include up to three lines of text and also a built-in ink pad! Alternatively, you can use individual letter stamps.
  • Fabric ink

Stamp a bunch of sachets, fill with lavender, and tie. To make it festive for Christmas I labeled sachets with “You’re Nice / Not Coal.” Don’t they look like little gift sacks?

I originally wanted to create lavender sachets as a natural silverfish repellent (gross!), but then I found more uses for them! In general, they smell nice so having a sachet handy for smelly occasions (like public transportation or whiffs of cigarette smoke, ew) smells like a good idea! Even more uses: in sports shoes, by the bedside for calming rest, in drawers for extra freshness. With so many uses, I thought they would make great gifts.

Gift with more handmade goodies! Pictured: cinnamon stick macrame and felt ball necklace.

What are some of your favorite botanical crafts? Share below.

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