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plant friends.

Happy Spring! I completed my first full week of working from home, and it’s Day 5 of the mandatory shelter in place in the Bay Area. Luckily, I do have some company – my Hubby (who is off from work at least through the end of the month) and my plant bebes! Here’s a little plant update from my indoor plant friends. There are 18 total; 23 if you count the ones that I’m trying to revive/propagate.

One. Sansevieria laurentii (snake plant). This one came from my parents’ backyard. I named him Green Mamba. He’s fairly tall now; showing off some of the lil sprouts.

Two-Ten. In the kitchen/living area I have Calethea roseopicta, Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ plant), Calethea lancifolia (rattlesnake plant), Calethea ornata, bamboo, sweet potato leaves (rooting them!), marimo (moss balls), Peperomia obtusifolia, and Hoya carnosa variegata.

Eleven. Next to the TV I have a Ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig). I recently gave him a trim because I wanted to propagate him, but I’m not sure if I did it correctly. Also, his name is Fiddy Cent. Twelve. Mystery baby plant that is thriving in this Pony People kitten planter.

Thirteen – seventeen. In my crafting corner I have a Peperomia argyreia (watermelon peperomia), an itty bitty succulent I’m trying to nurse back to life, mystery cutting from my coworkers plant, Ficus elastica tineke, and a mystery succulent that my Daddy potted for me.

Eighteen – twenty-three. And on my bedside table I have a Scindapsus pictus Argyraeus, Chlorophytum comosum (spiderettes courtesy of my friend Roberta, but not too sure if they are rooting), Pilea peperomioides, Peperomia caperata, a cutting from my office pothos, and a cutting from my fiddle leaf plant.

I might have an addiction. Do you keep house plants, too? Share some of your faves!

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