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earth rainbow.

Embroidery kit fun!

I met embroidery artist and kit maker Rosanna Diggs at the Etsy Indie Holiday Emporium; she was my booth neighbor. I snagged one of her earth rainbow embroidery kits.

The kit comes with a pattern, cloth, embroidery floss, hoop, needle, felt backing, fabric pen, and instructions. You just need to supply your own scissors.

I’ve tried my hand at embroidery before, but it’s mostly been practice stitches and not an actual ‘piece’ with an image. I was very excited to try working with a pattern to create my first embroidery art.

The water-based fabric pen is so cool! I had never used one of these either. It writes well on fabric, and washes away cleanly with water (no scrubbing required!). I used the pen to draw guidelines.

Then, embroidery! This piece used running stitch, couching, and satin stitch. Also, can we talk about this color combo? Yez, so pretty. Once I finished all the stitches, I ran the fabric under running water to remove the pen marks, then let it dry.

I trimmed the fabric and gathered the excess with a running stitch. Then I sewed on the felt backing with a whip stitch (which I clearly have yet to master). The felt backing makes this piece look super official, IMO.

Rosanna has so many fun kits and patterns, including one where you embroider a flower for each member in your family based on their birth flower. OMG so cute and clever and fantastic.

Super happy about this piece! Are you an embroidery fan? Have you created any fun embroidered art recently? Share below!

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