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tiny pots.

Sometimes I see a craft supply and I’m like I have no idea what I’m going to make with this, but I need to make something with this and then I buy it. Sometimes I buy three of it. This time around I spotted tiny pots and I made tiny macrame plant holders!

For this project you will need: tiny pots, non-stretchy cord, scissors, and plants. I used handmade felt flowers, but you can use real plants, too.

Cut three pieces of cord three feet in length. Fold all three pieces in half and tie an overhand knot. Pull on each individual string to tighten the knot. You should have six strands.

Next, we’ll work with cord pairs. Tie an overhand knot with each cord pair at least five inches down from the initial knot.

Then tie an overhand knot with the right cord from the first pair and the left cord from the second pair, another with the right cord from the second pair and the left cord from the third pair, and another with the last two remaining loose cords. This second row of knots should be at least one inch from the first row of knots.

Gather all of the cords and tie another overhand knot about an inch below the second row of knots. Pull on each strand to secure the knot. Repeat for each pot.

I popped in some felt flowers. Look how tiny and cute!

These would be fun party favors or a gift for a lover of miniatures. What would you plant in a tiny pot? Share below!

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