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hoop, hoop, hoop. merry christmas!

Work holiday party time! I set up an embroidery hoop ornament station for the occasion. It’s a super easy craft, but looks polished in the embroidery hoop!

For work events I’m always looking for activities that don’t require hot glue or much equipment, that are self explanatory, and that people can make in 10-15 minutes. This one was perfect! Here are some co-worker creations:

You can make your own! For this craft you will need:

  • Embroidery hoops, 3-5 inches in diameter
  • Yarn
  • Cord or twine
  • Glue dots (I used permanent Glue Dots)
  • Green card stock
  • Red pompoms
  • Mini brush bottle trees
  • Other assorted decorations like mini reindeer and bells
  • Scissors (for paper and fabric)

Separate the hoop. Measure out pieces of yarn to fit over the inner hoop. Attach the outer hoop. Tighten the hoop as you pull the yarn taut. Trim excess yarn.

Next, attach leaves, mini trees, and other decor with Glue Dots. You can also hang bells or other ornaments onto your hoop.

More ideas: wrap the inner hoop with twine or cut out different leaf shapes.

How do you deck the halls? Share below!

Thank you to my friend Melissa Joy who designs embroidery kits and gave me her big bag of not-so-perfect embroidery hoops that she couldn’t use in her kits so I could share fun art with my coworkers!

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