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I took my first class at the Jenny Lemons shop! My friends Sarah and Connie and I took ceramics with Viv of Mud Witch. (PS When you sign into your first class Jennie hands you the cutest punch card – a fruit punch card. OMG so smart!)

Viv taught us about different types of clay, how to handle the clay so it doesn’t explode in the kiln (important!), and how to build our pieces.

We each got a slab of calico clay and started off with a basic pinch pot. My nails were too long so I had to get creative in my pinching technique.

There were different tools available for smoothening out, scoring, flattening, and cutting our clay, too. We learned to score and attach pieces of clay together, and that using too much water can dry out the clay. We learned coil building, too, which seems like it might be an easy skill to pick up, but it is very time consuming.

When we liked the shape of our pieces and if they were approved by Viv to have the correct thickness for the kiln, we painted them with a mason stain plus slip (watered down clay with suspending liquid). If left unpainted, this clay should fire into a tan color with speckles. It sounded pretty so I left most of my pieces unpainted or with lots of negative space.

We left our pieces in the shop for Viv to dry, glaze, and bake.

My classmates are so creative and it was fun to see everyone’s unique style come out in their work. Connie made a donut! Sarah made a couture ashtray – one indent is large enough for her cigar-loving dad. I made two paint palettes, a spoon rest (or paper weight), two pinch pots, a small bowl (really hoping this one turns out!), and a rainbow.

Here are the final results! The bowl I was cheering for turned out! But my spoon rest either exploded or was taken on accident by someone else. 😛

This was definitely a fun introduction to clay. My friends and I want to learn more, so we’re signed up for another clay class this month. Exciting!

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