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ink stand.

On vacation, I craft. 🙂 While in Tokyo I heard about a creative space called Ink Stand where you can design your own ink color. Lucky for us they had space for two while we were in town.

We arrived a little early for our color appointment so we admired the space and all of the color inspiration on the wall.

Ink Stand has a laboratory feel – the staff wear lab smocks and everything was clean. The glassware also added to the feel. We worked with beakers and glass stirring rods. Also, the staff use those magnetic lab stirrers to mix larger amounts of ink. Ink science!

Each station has a 17-pigment selection (plus a dilution solution), mixing cups, a glass rod (for stirring), a paper pad, a pen (for note taking), a glass pen (::ahem:: a $300 handmade glass pen, for testing your inks), and a menu with a color blending chart. Each setting was neatly organized – the placemats had outlines for where everything was to be placed!

At the beginning of our appointment, our guide gave us detailed information on how to blend colors and how to use all of the equipment. And then we were left to experiment with color.

Where to even begin! I love pinks and reds so I played with warm colors first. But I figured why not also play with other colors, too, while I have the opportunity.

Hubby had more of a set color in his mind: tennis ball yellow-green. And it was a success!

The experience was so calming; the space zen. I could have done this all day. Even Hubby agreed, he felt so relaxed.

The staff recreates whatever color you choose as your ‘take home’ color to fill an ink jar, so we took lots of notes with our color formulas to get the ratios correct. Once time was up, we decided which mix was our favorite and the staff recreated our chosen color to verify that we liked it before mixing up a whole bottle.

We left to get a snack while our ink was being prepped and when we returned we were instructed to pick up our inks in the next-door shop. This space is so fancy, too. There are Ink Stand inks for sale and color inspiration all over, plus ink on tap.

Behold, our inks! I have yet to name my color. Thoughts?

PS The Ink Stand neighborhood (Kuramae) is my current favorite Tokyo neighborhood because of their small handmade shops and cafes. Eee!

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