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Also in Vegas, I dragged my friend to the Neon Museum! Why this outdoor museum featuring old and mostly non-functioning neon signs intrigued me so much beats me, but it was awesome!

I knew the signs had to be huge to light up the night sky and attract visitors but whoa, they are gigantic!!

The museum is smallish and you can do a loop rather quickly, but it’s nice to stroll through and search for signs buried behind other signs. It’s also fun to stumble upon a tour to learn some sign history (If I ever go again I’d want to pay extra for the tour.)

You get a pamphlet to guide you through some of the featured neon signs and there are docents throughout if you have any questions. There is so much history in the museum.

It was sunny out and all the signs looked lovely against blue sky (#nofilter). There’s also a night tour and light show, but the signs didn’t have to be illuminated to appreciate the beauty of their design.

My favorite sign was the old Stardust sign because of the colorful “twinkles.”

I took photos of individual letters, too, so I could spell my name.

So much colorful fun! Closing remarks: I’ve added “learn all about typography” to my life goals list. Pop into the gift shop, too, for a dose of retro goodies.

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