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macrame feather leaves.

I’ve been seeing these feathery leaf rope things on the interwebs and I am obsessed! After some trial and error with rope and knots, I finally figured it out.



  • Single strand cotton rope (this kind of rope unravels nicely)
  • Comb
  • Scissors



Cut one piece of rope 24″ in length. Fold in half and tie an overhand knot close to the top. This will be the hanging loop.

Cut 28 pieces of rope 12″ in length.

Create reef knots along the main rope. Fold a 12″ piece of rope in half. Place underneath the main rope. Place a second 12″ rope folded in half on top of the main rope in the opposite direction. Place the top folded rope ends into the bottom rope loop; place the bottom rope loops up through the top rope loop.

Tighten. Secure by pulling the top two ropes at the same time; pull the bottom two ropes at the same time. Push the knot up.

Repeat, alternating the direction of the bottom and top ropes, until you have about 4″ of tail left.


Optional: After attaching all of the 12″ ropes, tie the remaining main rope tail with an overhand knot to secure. I didn’t do this to my feathers but it would be a smart choice if you expect little kids or animals to mess with your wall art.

Unravel the rope using a hair comb.


Trim to desired shape.


For a longer or shorter feather/leaf, cut a longer or shorter main rope and additional or less knotting ropes. Below: The feather on the right was created with only Lark’s Head knots. It creates a feather that is not as full (there are gaps) but if that’s a look you like you can try it, too!


BRB, gotta go make more of these.


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