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you’re the flower crown lady!

Yup! I’m the flower crown lady.

Photo by Kevin B. / SJ Made

That’s what people shouted at me at the SJ Made Craft Fair last weekend. Apparently, SJ Made ran a Facebook ad with my photo (above) so people recognized me at the show! This was my biggest event of the year. I set up a 10′ x 10′ booth with all my felt creations, a custom banner bar, a custom felt flower crown bar, and a sale basket.

Big booth means I brought everything. I loaded up the craftmobile and snapped a photo so I’d remember how everything fit so nicely inside.

My canvas:


There were over 250 vendors at this show. And I got the booth right at the entrance, in the middle. Front and center! I wanted my booth to feel inviting because I felt responsible for greeting everyone who came in the door. Ha! And….after!


The long table faced the entrance and displayed most of my product line. On the inventory list this year: wall hangings, pennants, surprise boxes, hair clips, tassels, ornaments, and of course, taco garlands!


I also had a $5 sale bin which was a big hit.


The other side of my booth faced into the aisle. This is where I set up the DIY stations: a banner bar and a flower crown bar. OMG, people loved these stations!

So many crowns happened!

And all my maker friends were commenting on how excited they got when they saw someone walk by their booth wearing one of my crowns.

I didn’t take as many photos of the banner bar creations, but customers mostly spelled out names of their kids or someone else’s kids, and their pups’ names!

The booth was busy the whole weekend. I basically never left. Which means I did all my shopping via Instagram posts of other vendors, in the 5 minutes before the show started on Sunday, and in the 10 minutes after the show ended / when everyone was breaking down their booth. I made a list of all the things I was eyeing so I could shop more efficiently! 😉


And then just like that, craft season was coming to an end.


Big thank yous all around to SJ Made for putting on an awesomely fun show, and to all my Feed the Fish co fans and supporters! I’m still super tired from greeting all the people and I couldn’t have made it through the show without you all!

Myo Myo, Chris, Pamcakes, and JermCat & the littles for coming to visit me!
Rebecca and Jenn for super hugs and my superfood breakfast smoothie to get me through Day 2!
Robin for post-show decompression and hangs.
Hubby for being my #1 fan, booth companion, chauffeur, and boba & snacks delivery service!

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