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sip & shop.

I coordinated a lil private jewelry shopping party at Covet! Something about having a whole store to yourself feels so fancy!


Shop owner Adrienne is a long-time jewelry designer and shop keep. And she’s my maker friend! 🙂 Her space boasts a jewelry bar where you can mix and match your favorite charms, her whole collection of jewelry, assorted locally handmade goods, and special finds from all her travels.

The shop check-out area doubles as her work space. Brilliant!


We looked around the shop at least three times each. It’s a small shop but there’s much to see. I made a gift list so I could shop for specific people and occasions, which was really helpful because – oh, look at this cute sparkly thing. Yea…

Thank you to Adrienne for hosting a fun event for me and my crew! If you’re in the SF Bay Area and want to host your own Sip & Shop, contact Adrienne to set it up! Sip & Shop birthdays, graduations, just becauses, Wednesday nights, ….

And then we all went for shabu. 🤤

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