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Next up in my San Diego tour guide is Pigment, a shop located in North Park – really close to Artelxia (OMG, go to both!). Everything at Pigment is beautifully made and merchandised; you could say there was too much too look at, but the tones were inviting and organized by color palette (You know how much I love when things are organized by color!) so it was easy on the eyes.


Look around and spot housewares, accessories, shoes…

…candles, so many plants and pots, …

…cards, pillows, clothes and toys for baby and kid, and party goods.

They have a succulent wall where you can build your own terrarium. Genius.


And a living wall backdrop / in-house photo booth.



I love, love, love the modern boho vibes with quirky colorful feels. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see everything because there was so much in the shop. It really felt more like an experience than a store; I could hang out in this corner and people watch on their cool chairs all day (until I got hungry…).


Hm, I have the sudden urge to redecorate….

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