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ho’ike: behind the seams.

Aloha! Earlier, I shared some behind the scenes Ho’ike memories; now it’s time to share some behind the seams Ho’ike costume prep funs! 😛


Leading up to Ho’ike, my Kumu hosted a few costume workshops at the studio where all the dancers could come learn how to make each of the costumes (that we weren’t buying). Veteran dance moms and grandmoms came with sewing machines and snacks. Once I learned some basics I was able to help others with their costumes, too.

I learned how to make hula tops, a wood and bamboo beaded skirt, and a headband. My friend Cat and I traded costume crafts, too. She worked on the rest of my beaded skirt and I sewed some of her pieces. Teamwork!

I have so many new dance pieces now. If I keep this up I will need a dedicated costume closet. Also, a sewing machine. Maybe I should get one anyway. Seams like something I should have… 😉

See me in all my costume glory – Ho’ike.

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Local markets are my kind of tourist attraction. Crafternoons are my favorite. Good food makes me dance.

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