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I strolled along Solano Avenue last weekend for the Solano Stroll! This annual festival is held every September and this year was it’s 44th year! It’s part street fair, part handmade craft fair, and part community block party. There are food vendors, local bands and dance troupes, raffles, and carnival rides all along one mile of street.

Hubby and I started on the West end with breakfast at La Crema, then made our way East.


It was a perfect day for a stroll. We stopped every time we saw or heard something that sparked our attention, like these tennis ball gumballs and photo op at Flowerland.

Or this 50th High School Reunion booth. Adorbs.


We visited with some maker friends, too – An Li of Slow Moon Rise, Min of Bottle of Clouds, and Amanda of Shimmer Jewels.

There was Balinese dance, jazz bands…

Bubbles, rides and games, food…

So much!

And we only walked maybe halfway in. So imagine all of this times two!
Give a shoutout to your favorite neighborhood festival below. 🙂

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Local markets are my kind of tourist attraction. Crafternoons are my favorite. Good food makes me dance.

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