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west coast craft.

Going to a craft show when you’re not vending is so relaxing! You get to shop and chat without having to run back to your booth, and take your sweet, sweet time. Last weekend I got to do just that at West Coast Craft with with my friend Joy. We visited with some maker friends and met new-to-me makers.

Featured above: Zena Segre / Corrin Ceramics / Cute Circle Bag Lady / Case for Making
Featured below: CA Makes / Baggu / Zelma Rose

In true maker status, I brought pennants and crowns. ๐Ÿ™‚ I made the Lit pennant for my friend because she makes soy candles, but then it also paired well with her big purchase of the day. I also waved around an I Luh You pennant.

Our flower crowns were a hit – people kept asking if we bought them at the show. Perhaps I’ll need to apply to be a vendor next time…but I just wanna shop! ๐Ÿ™‚


There was a free custom tee making station with my friend Sam of Culk. I went with a trio of shells.

And outside – super pretty views and super pretty flowers. Matilda’s Magnolias delivers fresh flowers to your doorstep!

There were over 200 vendors featured at West Coast Craft, but it was super easy to navigate. We were in and out within two hours and stayed within our spending budgets. Hooray!


Until next time, West Coast Craft!

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