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Alameda field trip to The ReCrafting Co! The shop was mostly yarn and fabric, but they also had collections of stamps, buttons, punches, beads, how-to books, and crafting tools.


This was my first visit to the shop and I was super impressed. It’s a reuse and consignment supply shop so I was expecting a lot of digging through items to find ‘something good.’ But to my pleasant surprise, most of the items were new or like new with original packaging. It was so easy to find what I was not looking for. šŸ˜‰


Any used items like these knitting tools were gently used and in great hand-me-down condition.

And the yarn and fabric stash sorted and neatly displayed.

In case you’re wondering what I went home with: three skeins of yarn to add to my collection! Lovers of yarn and fabric crafts, this is a must visit!

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