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make your mantra.

Hey, be you tiful! An evening at Paper Source for their Make Your Mantra mini workshop!

Lucky me, I was the only one who signed up for the mini workshop so I got a private lesson! The project for the evening was to paint and decorate a plant print and to include a personal mantra. Teacher example above –très cool.


What’s fun about Paper Source workshops is that you get to try out supplies and materials before committing to buy them. I got to play with watercolors (including metallic watercolors!), an aqua brush, Prima Press letters, a heat embosser, and a watercolor resist pen.


Paper Source preprinted images of plants. I chose this lil guy – so trendy.

I absolutely loved the metallic watercolors. I didn’t know they existed before this workshop. Look at the shimmer…. I ended up getting the palette after class.

Here’s my instructor Erik demoing all the tools and supplies, and getting crafty.

The watercolor resist pen is pretty fun to use, too. It’s basically like removable glue blobs. You can create designs and patterns, let them dry, paint over with watercolor, then remove to reveal your designs. I stuck with some simple dots for this project.

Then I got to play with Prima Press letters. Think letter stamps + Legos. You can build your phrase and stamp all at once. We were suppose to pick a mantra of sorts – I chose to heat emboss on “Be You Tiful” for this project.


Our masterpieces!

Erik taught me a few new watercolor techniques that I hope to put to use in my next paintings – like smudging and hashmarking. I’m excited to put my new metallic paints and watercolor resist pen to work, too. What fun crafty supplies have you played with lately? Share below!

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