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tassel time.

Decor idea: felt tassels! I made these tassels similar to how you’d make tissue tassels, but making them with felt creates a sturdier tassel. You can turn these into a garland or use them as a bag accessory. I like them for gift packaging, too.


  • Felt (a 9in x 12in piece of felt will yield 2-3 tassels)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Yarn (2 feet per tassel)
  • Keychains or other hoops

Fold felt in half (hot dog or hamburger style). If hamburger way, cut the felt in half; if hot dog way, cut felt into halves or thirds.

Then cut fringe starting from the open side towards the fold in 1/4 inch – 1/2 inch increments, leaving about an inch at the fold uncut.

Open the felt, then roll and glue to seal.

Create a loop around a keychain or other hoop. Secure with yarn.

Wrap the yarn around the tassel; cover as much of the tassel as you wish. Then double knot and trim the yarn.

Trim the tassel to your liking. Then decorate and celebrate!

Make these in different colors. Try it with fabric. Layer and play! Happy creating!

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