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Here’s a super fun last minute handmade and super useful gift idea: a felt ball trivet.

West Elm hosted a workshop in store. They partnered with a fair trade organization in Nepal to get their felt balls for the craft. What a lovely color palette!

First, we sorted and laid out the felt balls into our preferred 7×7 grid. (Joy’s crafty hands below!)

We used this super tough upholstery thread to sew the felt balls together.

Working in a zig zag pattern, we first sewed the rows in one direction (i.e., left to right and right to left), and then in the other direction (up and down). Then tied and trimmed off excess thread.

The secret is to sew the felt balls at the edges at a diagonal so that the rows and columns stay tightly in place.

My trivet making skills will need some work, but I’m off to an ok start (mine is the one on the right). These were much easier to make than I thought; they just take some time. Imagine the colorway possibilities!

Oh, and then we had a West Elm photoshoot (of course).

This piece definitely adds some grown up vibes to my dining table. If you make these for your friends, they will be so amazed. 🙂

Thanks, West Elm Mill Valley for hosting!

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