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I visited the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco. So, here’s a bunch of pink photos!

We arrived with ice cream pennants in hand reppin’ our favorite ice cream flavors. Before you enter the installation you are grouped with strangers and you have to come up with a team name. Behold: Team Toffee Ooh La La (minus two girls who didn’t want to hang out with us, lol)! I was named team leader, which was kind of stressful even though I consider myself a hype girl, ha! Too much responsibility; I just wanted to play!


There were over a dozen rooms and attractions to enjoy – mostly in pink! There were ice cream fun facts on the walls, a ring toss where you can win a free scoop of ice cream (Protip: Let them know if you’re celebrating something awesome like a birthday and you’ll snag a free scoop without having to win one.), a juke box room with ice cream tunes, mochi ice cream to sample, a pink letter magnet room for spelling all the things, pink cotton candy (made a good beard!), a cherry room,…

…a gummy bear / lollipop room, a unicorn, ice cream with unicorn milk (uhh…), a tiny mirror room, a rock wall and pop rocks room, the famous sprinkle pool (I went in!).

After the sprinkle pool there was a room with air blowers to remove excess sprinkles, swings (for Boomeranging!), more ice cream (for purchase) and a lounge with seating and ping-pong, plus the gift shop.

Overall thoughts: This experience is definitely way more fun with friends. Highlights included the video stations (you can email the videos to yourself), the pink letter room (I bought a container of letters at the shop), and MOIC team members interacting with you throughout the experience. Lowlights: It was hot everywhere, the floors were scuffed and dirty (not cute for photos!), and traffic flow was not so good (many rooms had lines which probably added to the heat factor). But…we survived! And no sprinkles came home with me!

Did you visit MOIC? What was your favorite room? Share below. 

Select photos by Laura B.

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