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Etsy HQ.

Is craft greeking out a thing? I was so excited to snag a tour at Etsy HQ in Brooklyn. I’ve heard wonderful things about their office space and had to see it for myself.

Much of the furniture and wall art was made by Etsy sellers – some pieces commissioned for the office, other pieces made by some of the staff.

I brought my own photo props (kekeke) / a small gift for our hostess – Kathryn! Yay!

Most of the office space is open (i.e., no cubicles) and there are lots of community spaces to work. Once a week they all have lunch together, too – a gathering they call Eatsy. I particularly like their fun seating like this hanging egg chair.  

There’s a little herb garden and amazing rooftop views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan.

Other fun features included kombucha on tap, a plaque designating the space a zero-emissions building, and a free photobooth! photostripAlso, I thought this was a nice touch — you can give feedback on your day when you leave work.


No crafting happened on this visit (sadface), but it was so fun see where all the fancy behind-the-scenes work happens. Thank you, Kathryn, for showing us around!



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