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rainbow again.

Mischief hosted a craft supply swap during one of my pop-up days and I snagged some fun yarn. They were already crocheted/knitted/woven into these nice tubes. Inspiration struck quickly and I made a rainbow wall hanging right away. (Yea, so I’m a little obsessed with rainbows right now….)

Just my luck, there was embroidery floss up for grabs, too.

I laid out my rainbow and sewed the pieces together at various points along the arch, tying knots at the back of the rainbow to hide loose floss.

The pieces were held securely together with the floss, but the rainbow was still a little floppy. I ended up reinforcing the structure by hot glueing felt to the back. If I ever was to make another one, I would just hot glue right away.

Viola! Rainbow! I enjoy the straggly yarn bits, too.

Yay for craft supply swaps! Also, maybe I will be Cheer Bear for Halloween this year…

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