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color factory extras.

At the end of your Color Factory visit, you leave with a map full of extra sites and experiences to discover around the neighborhood. We visited three of seventeen stops.


Our first stop was BOBA (obvi). Stop #8 on the map was Boba Guys on Stockton. They had a limited edition strawberry cream boba (jasmine tea fresca with milk). And, it came with a hot pink straw (versus their customary black straws). I had mine with hemp milk and it was delightful, made with real strawberries. Cheers!

Next, we visited stop #15, a colorful stairwell and an ode to the flavors of Chinatown. Each step along on the stairwell was painted a different color and represented a particular food or drink. Oh look, another boba picture. (And if you’re wondering about those flags, scroll on down.)


Lastly, we visited this lovely mural (stop #16) by type designer Jessica Hische. Only fourteen more stops to go. 😛

And a little extra for this extras post — I made food and drink pennants for my Color Factory visit so I could take photos with all the colors. Here’s what I came up with: red velvet, blueberry, pink lemonade, green tea, black sesame, orange juice, and Earl grey. And then I came up with so many more after my visit. Ah!


Yay! Thanks to my crafty friend Tally Sue who was up for all of these colorful adventures! And Chloe, too (the cloud). 🙂

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