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cute farm!

I’m an air plant gardener now. 🙂 My friends at Cute Farms popped up with me at Urban Air Market in Oakland last weekend. They hosted a build your own air plant terrarium workshop. It was so cute.

First you pick your vessel. They had many variations to choose from: a tall glass vase, a round ‘spaceman helmet,’ a teardrop…. Then, you fill it with moss, lichen, and vermiculite. All the filler is preserved so you don’t need to worry about keeping it alive, too. Winning!

Some cross promotion action with OMG pennants, color coordinated with the fillers, of course. 😉

Pick an air plant, pick a dinosaur…

And viola! My new tiny habitat. Have you ever seen an air plant which such vibrant colors? 😍

The craftermath was a table full of colorful mossfetti!

I could make these terrariums all day. Air plants are officially on my favorites list of “things I have a good chance of keeping alive” and “ideas for gift giving.” Are you down with tillandsia? Share air plant stories below! 

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