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ready, set, indigo!

I learned how to dye with indigo last year, and ever since word got out, I’ve been requested to teach indigo dyeing workshops. I consider myself far from pro status, but thought it would be fun to give it a try. I’m happy to report that I love being able to share this craft with so many people!


My latest workshop was held at Sticky Art Lab in Berkeley, and we totally lucked out with the sunshine! We set up our learning and folding station inside, and dyed our fabrics outside.


This was my first time dyeing in a backyard/garden (versus indoors) so you can imagine my excitement when we got to hang our pieces to dry on a clothesline. (Super mega heart eyes!)


Dyeing fabrics, including the set-up and clean-up, can be a long process, but it is relaxing and the results are fantastic every time. No two pieces are exactly the same, which makes the unveiling extra exciting.

Even the tools looked good after a dye session.


Eee, can’t wait for my next indigo dyeing class! I’ve also been itching to attempt stitch resist dyeing and trying my hand at dyeing with avocado peel. Have you tried any dyeing techniques? Share below! 


    • Thank you! Yes, try different folds and twists, and adding different objects in between.

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