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Happy Easter to you! I saw this on Pinterest and had to make my own rendition. I made one first to test the waters and it turned out pretty good so I made a whole fleet, and they got more and more ridiculously cute as my eggicorn army grew.


Materials and tools:

  • Plastic or real eggs
  • Cardstock (for the horn)
  • Felt (for the flowers) or other faux flowers
  • Scissors (for paper and for fabric)
  • Hot glue
  • Permanent marker
  • Candies or other treats for the inside

How to:
Get an egg of eggs. I found this bundle of colorful eggs at Target. Bonus, it comes with one golden egg!

Add a golden horn. Cut cardstock and roll to form a cone shape; use hot glue to seal. Then, hot glue the horn to the top of the egg.

Add flowers. Use any color combination to make tiny flowers for the eggicorn’s crown. Cut a spiral, roll starting from the outside, seal with hot glue, and hot glue in place around the horn. I made five mini felt flowers for each eggicorn. Alternatively, you can use other faux flowers.

Add eyelashes. Using a permanent marker, draw on eyes and lashes.

Add treats. I chose gummy candies for my filler.

Gift. These are perfect for Easter baskets, but why not use them as party favors, too!

And a photoshoot…

What fun projects have you seen online and had to try? Share below. Let me know how they turned out! 

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